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  • If you are at sixth form or college then later on this week you will be getting your A level results. You are probably stressing over whether you met the requirements for your university...  We have written this post to

  • By way of introduction, I’m Ed – an Economics and Finance student at the University of York. I’ve been interning with Berenberg Bank in their Equity Research division this summer. Firm Overview Berenberg is a Hamburg-based investment bank founded in

  • If you have ever spoken with a finance professional you’ve probably heard them talk about the “buy-side” and the “sell-side”. In this post, I will be breaking down each of these categories into the three main areas you would have

  • Summer Internships are unparalleled in terms of the exposure they can give you to a firm’s culture. There’s also no better way to secure a grad job before heading to your third year. Doing well requires hard work, initiative and

  • Check out Kitty's first post here: Marketing at Regency Global – Week 1 – Kitty So I have been at Regency for four weeks and it has gone very quickly indeed. As mentioned in the last post, I was going to

  • A day in the life of a graduate is a new series - graduates across a whole host of industries will write about their average daily experience, enabling you to gain a better understanding of the world of work.  The