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Hi everyone, I am an incoming third year Economics undergraduate at the University of York . This summer I have been interning on the Change and Business Solutions internship scheme with RBS, based in Edinburgh for 10 weeks.

I am currently in week 5 and can honestly say it has surpassed all of my expectations. I was incredibly hesitant as to whether I really wanted to move from Kent to Edinburgh on my own and spend 10 weeks of summer working in an office hundreds of miles from friends and family. But, the past 5 weeks have been full of exploring a new city, meeting interesting people, learning daily and really growing as a person.

As an intern you could be allocated to a variety of teams within the bank, I was allocated the role of risk analyst for the Cash and Self Service team, something I knew absolutely nothing about when I got there on day 1. I think this has been one of my favourite things so far, you don’t get to pick which team you’re allocated so you really do get to experience what working in a team you maybe hadn’t previously considered is like. You might be suprised that the role is for you, or it could just help guide your decision to a role that’s more suited – either way it pushes you beyond your comfort zone.

The internship begins with a two day induction event which is a great opportunity to build confidence, meet all the other interns, learn a lot about the bank and give you the tools and confidence to join your teams and make a real contribution.I was glad to find out when I got here that there were many other interns who had also relocated for the summer, so we were all in the same boat when it came to wanting to meet people to explore a new city with. Edinburgh itself is incredible, especially when the suns out.

One of the big emphasises of the programme is making sure that we produce something tangible that we can give to our team at the end, as well as also learning new and useful skills. For many of us this means doing some research relevant to our team and presenting it back to them, making recommendations, an exercise that both the intern and the team can benefit from.

Reflecting on the role so far

So far my experience of the internship has been overwhelmingly positive. The atmosphere is friendly, motivational and very personal, the bank seem to care about your self development and you have a good work-life balance. The ethos at RBS is really one of doing the right thing by their customers and working with integrity, and it isn’t hard to see that these are the values strictly followed by the teams.

As my first job in a corporate environment, my internship has really helped me work out the kind of career I aspire to have. I did not previously appreciate that companies like RBS encourage their employees to have a good work life balance. Compare to my friends who are at banks in London I am finding my time just as challenging, but less intense in a flexible environment with a strong emphasis on what I gain from the 10 weeks.

Overall,  I am really grateful for the opportunity I have had this summer. If anyone is unsure whether they want to commit that much of their time to an internship, I really would encourage them to do so as it has not only been an interesting and enjoyable experience but I also have a much clearer vision of where I want to be after University.

Drop me an email if you want to know anything about interning at RBS at emma.howard@diaryofanintern.co.uk


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Emma Howard
Emma HowardRBS
Emma is an incoming third year Economics student at the University of York. This summer she is interning at RBS in the Change and Business solutions team based in Edinburgh. At University, as well as her studies she is a consultant for York Community Consulting and 1st team member of the Lacrosse team.

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  1. Emma thank you for sharing your first 5 weeks experiences here at the bank. The Early Career team work hard with our business colleagues to create a summer programme that truly delivers a diverse range of activities to help your personal and professional development. I’m delighted you’ve had the opportunity to really feel the atmosphere and our commitment to make this a great place to work.

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