Where can I find and apply to internships?

Today we show you the bestplaces for searching and applying to internships online. The websites/apps listed are more leaders in the student recruitment industry. Make sure you have the websites bookmarked and apps downloaded by the end of the blog!

Make sure you have read our first post in the series on “What is an internship?”

Bright Network

This is my go to when I’m looking for internships or graduate jobs. They are the biggest student job board but their service goes bright network internshipseven further. They hold their own Bright Network Festival, in which a multitude of employers come and network with students. I can’t stress the importance of attending events like these.

In addition to the festival, they host a wide variety of events such as those below, I have linked the events to the event page.

I spoke to their marketing manager who described themselves as…

“Through our personalised career advice, networking events and our partnerships with over 300 leading UK employers, we’re the go to place for internship and graduate opportunities” Ben Triggs, Bright Network

The main reason I suggest using them is their website allows you to search by sector, location and company. Putting an end to the misery of finding an investment banking internship then realising it is halfway across the country.

An added bonus, if you get a role through them they send you a bottle of bubbly (if that’s your thing)🍾



debut app internships

This is arguably the most innovative platform in the student recruitment market. It allows you to build a profile with information such as your university, expected grades, industry of choice & past experience.

There are then two ways you can find opportunities

1. Use the search function

2. Be talent spotted

Your personal profile is on display to employers who then talent spot you for opportunities. This often puts you through the initial application stage, which can be really helpful when you’ve done 20 numerical tests already that week.

Their newest feature allows you to take numerical, logical and verbal tests which allow employers to see your score before they talent spot you. You can also be talent spotted for events, most recently Capgemini hosted an event where they discussed artificial intelligence in a swanky location in London. Also, they frequently host live seminars and Q&A’s with student recruiters and graduates, helping you understand the student recruitment world that bit better.

There’s also an added bonus for Debut – £50 cash if you get a role through their app, so there’s no harm in trying💸

Debut on Appstore or Google Play store

LinkedIn Jobs

Most of you probably have LinkedIn,  but do you use LinkedIn Jobs?

It is FULL of internships. Those that are already on Bright Network and Debut but also those from mid-market firms. They are more niche. Roles will be advertised as “bio-tech audit consultant” rather than “Audit intern”. The perks of niche roles is that few people will have similar experience, boosting your chances of getting a job after summer.

LinkedIn Jobs USP is that you are able to reach out to your university alumni who may already work there. This allows you to build and maintain professional relationships, use this to gain any advice on the application process. If you are already connected with someone at the firm you can then also ask them for a recommendation. Get connecting!

There are plenty of other alternatives, such as Indeed and Monster, but these do not offer anything beyond a simple job advertisement. The more complete experience that Bright Network, Debut and LinkedIn Jobs provides is far more interactive, making the application process easier and clearer.

Feel free to email hizzer@diaryofanintern.co.uk for any questions about anything career/university related.

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