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So I have been at Regency for four weeks and it has gone very quickly indeed.

As mentioned in the last post, I was going to be included in a meeting about ResponsibleME , the largest programme on HIV and AIDS in South Africa. The meeting was essentially about making revisions on the syllabus to include teaching more life skills to the students, from nutrition to health and sanitation. It was an insightful meeting, especially with the presence of a township nurse, who was able to share various stories about the work she does in the towns and highlight the importance of adding certain aspects into the syllabus including the controversial topic of blessers. We are hoping to test out the success of this syllabus by going to a township and having meetings with students and teachers from various grades in order to gauge their response.

Personally, the meeting really set off the work I have started to get involved here at the agency. I broke down the syllabus and made notes about where revisions had to be made and even designed a lesson plan. Following my work on this, I was then given the opportunity to create a proposal for a new programme that they are setting up, an outreach programme for young entrepreneurs in South Africa. As we speak, I am currently drafting this programme ready for my boss’s return from being out of office. At the moment, it is an independent project and I am really enjoying the responsibility. Skills that I have attained from politics have proven to be very helpful, especially in terms of how I conduct and analyse my research. It has been noted upon in the office which is always great.

I have since been promoted to ‘junior researcher’ at the firm, which really makes me feel as though the content I produce is being well received and utilised.

I am still doing a lot of marketing in the office. Aforementioned, I am continuing with my regular content marketing on the company’s website as well as putting out social media posts at peak periods. It is then my job to see how well these posts are being received by referring to Hootsuite Analytics and Google Analytics then presenting the findings to my boss.

Another great project that I am working independently on is celebrating the small businesses here in South Africa and offering to publicise their ‘stories’ on our main website. We are calling it SA & Co (my idea!!) as it would be the sister project to SA INC. SA INC is a huge project at the company right now, it is a collection of stories documenting examples of innovative, inclusive business-led development across the country. The series features some of South Africa’s most inclusive corporations committed to driving social transformation and economic growth that are aligned with the SDGs as well. In terms of my work with the sister project, I conducted research on what companies would be best to get in touch with, wrote a covering letter and these letters have since been sent out. It is now my role to maintain a dialogue with those who are interested and organise the marketing and publication of this all. For those that are following the Rising Powers over the world, you can imagine that it is a very exciting time to be in South Africa. There is a strong momentum following Ramaphosa’s appointment as President, and I am very fortunate to be being a part of this.

My marketing boss is really helping me gain experience. This week, I have been set the task of trying to improve our SEO ranking, it is really not an easy task!! There is no pressure though which is great so I am working on it as I go and watching videos/reading publications to see how I can really maximise ours.

One of my favourite parts of my internship to date was having the opportunity to be publicised on the company’s website.

I wrote a blog on youth empowerment in South Africa. Have a read – https://regency.global/world-youth-skills-day-2018/ , it is a topic that I am really passionate about and the chance to speak about it on a platform so large was truly one of the highlights of my work to date.

In terms of life in South Africa whilst being at work, I really am having the best time, it’s a great place to be in terms of work-life balance. I am even looking at doing my masters here at UCT! Please email me if you want any more advice, kittyellaive@gmail.com. An international internship is a lot of fun!

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Kitty is an incoming third-year Politics and Philosophy student at the University of York. Asides her studies, she is President of the International Development Society. She is a marketing intern at an international NGO in Cape Town this summer, as she sees herself working around the world after graduation.

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