Marketing at Regency Global – Week 1 – Kitty

Welcome to our first internship review – over the next few weeks, Kitty will be documenting her time on a marketing internship abroad in South Africa!

Hi, my name is Kitty and I have just completed my first week of work at Regency Global in Cape Town. I’m a Politics and Philosophy student at York and i’m interning in Marketing.

The firm and role

Regency are known for their film-making, offering authentic content to pressing causes. The films are predominantly produced within Africa and their documentaries have been nationally broadcasted for over a decade. The company has expanded to being leaders in social investment business implementation, with their sister brand, Regency Foundation Networx. Their flagship programme is the ResponsibleMe programme, designed to help the South African youth focus on making responsible choices about their lives and futures. The programme covers education on safe sexual practice as well as emotional wellbeing. So far, the programme has impacted over 190,000 learners. Furthermore, the organisation works with corporate companies such as Citi. They present ideas  based on offering inclusive business models, that focus on including those in lesser developed countries.

My week

I am personally involved with the digital strategizing side of the company. At this point, I have only worked three days at the office, but I have already been assigned various projects and I feel very involved, currently working on two projects. The first project is analysing data for certain countries in terms of their digital usage. This is done by examining the level of penetration of internet within these countries, devices used and social media platforms that are popular. It is then up to me to find the appropriate indicators, and present them in a coherent manner for my boss who then recommends our findings to our clients. I then had to re-think our marketing strategy in order to maximise engagement for each indicator per country.

My boss is only a desk away so it is really easy for me to ask questions to ensure I stay on the right track. The responsibility however is very much placed on myself to deliver the needed results. Being trusted with this so early on is a great feeling.

Aside from this project, I have been learning to use various marketing platforms, such as WordPress. With WordPress, I have been doing content marketing for the company’s website, posting news stories from the week that are relevant for our audience. Click here to see an example

The atmosphere in the office is wonderful as it is small and really friendly. The head of the company is often walking around the office, checking in with everyone. He has listened closely to my interest in International Development and has already assigned some projects for me, as well as including me in an upcoming meeting that he has on Monday.

I am only three days in but already feel part of the team. I am really looking forward for my forthcoming weeks with the company. Initially, I was worried about undergoing an internship as a marketing intern, for I am a Politics and Philosophy student. Yet, this has not significantly hindered me as I know that by asking questions and doing extra work after we finish, I remain up to speed.

I hope you have all enjoyed this review of the first week of my internship,  do email me if you have any questions on kitty@diaryofanintern.co.uk

All the best,


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Kitty Ive
Kitty IveRegency Global
Kitty is an incoming third-year Politics and Philosophy student at the University of York. Asides her studies, she is President of the International Development Society. She is a marketing intern at an international NGO in Cape Town this summer, as she sees herself working around the world after graduation.

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